Queff Nation

Drizl on set of Vershon’s latest music video for his upcoming single set for release in June 2020. The two-day shoot had girls, girls, and more girls by the boat-load. It’s always trouble when Drizl is on the scene. Stay tuned.

Who is Vershon?

Recording artiste Vershon came from humble beginnings and hails from the volatile community of Cockburn Pen in Kingston, Jamaica. Overcoming hardships as a youth and from a single parent home, Vershon knew from an early age that music was his way out. As a songwriter, Vershon writes all his music and draws inspiration from his personal experiences and those of others close to him. As an avid musician, Vershon also plays the keyboard and hopes to one day learn to play more instruments as he continues to perfect his craft.

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