New Merchandise

One’s voice can be used to entertain, educate and create awareness, for BRU, Drizl bridges all those facets. What proudly sets Drizl apart from some of his counterparts, is his outspokenness and awareness. As music and fashion comes from the same place of creativity and walk hand in hand, Drizl announces his signature clothing line “4EVA” designed by BRU.

Drizl has teamed up with BRU to create merchandise for the post-corona virus era where styling incorporates vibrant, refreshing pieces and depicts the new world we now live in.

The line’s slogan is clear, precise and simple, “4EVA”. While we can’t live forever, our legacies can. It is focused on inspiring people to live boldly, creatively and to leave legacies of meaning and purpose. The line is expected to launch in mid-summer 2020.

“For now we are launching with T-Shirts, Joggers, Blazers, and masks and will eventually expand to footwear, hoodies and other accessories for both male and female.” said Drizl

The T-Shirts will be available in Black, White and Neon Yellow, Pink, & Blue with Drizl’s signature embellishment strapped across the front. The male joggers are in neon yellow and orange with silver streak along both sides with protective fashion face masks to match. BRU is convinced these will be go-to pieces post-covid-19 and will be hot sellers in Jamaica, Caribbean and the diaspora in North America and Europe.

“This all started because of Drizl’s fear of the virus and his struggle to continue working while trying to stay completely safe. He insisted that we make pieces relevant to the times we live in while keeping true to his personality and fashion.” said Shamar Bruce, also know as BRU.

Drizl also cares so much about the persons affected by the virus that he wanted to do something to help in whatever way he could. He has committed to donating part proceeds from each item sale to Jamaica’s effort to fighting Covid-19 by starting with the frontline workers.

“Talking is not enough the deejay added, I would like to partner with Kingston Public Hospital to access needs and donate a portion of sales to them. Something as small as medical gloves, bandages, anti bacterial soap dispensers are needed. These are just some of the day to day necessities doctors and nurses are working without“.

Visit the store section of the site to preview the merchandise.

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